emoving - reusable plastic moving packing boxes
servicing Melbourne & surrounding suburbs


“Supplier” is eMOVING.

"Hirer" is the person, company, firm, organisation or corporation hiring the equipment from the supplier.

"Equipment" is any item(s) and/or products hired by the hirer.

All item(s) and equipment hired by the hirer is, and will remain, in the complete and sole ownership of the supplier eMOVING. No item(s) or equipment can be transferred, offered for sale or hired, or sold in any circumstances from the hirer.

Hire Terms and Conditions
The supplier must collect all item(s) and equipment hired by the hirer on the due date. Extensions must be authorised prior to the collection date via contact to eMOVING

Payment must be made upfront prior to any deliveries and/or drop-offs.

If the hirer or an external removal company loses, steals or damages a box, eMOVING will charge the hirer a fee of $25.00 inclusive per box as a replacement cost. We strongly recommend that you count each box upon delivery, during transportation and at the completion of your move. We will allow usual wear-and-tare to occur to our boxes during your move.

*Note. A copy of a valid drivers licence or passport will be required during all deliveries to ensure the security of any item(s)/ equipment hired by the hirer.

Delivery Terms and Conditions

Delivery date and delivery times are subject to availability and eMOVING’s existing schedule and inventory stock levels, therefore changes to your chosen date and preferred time may occur. eMOVING aims to fulfill all orders and we will notify customers should there be any changes made.

Free delivery & collection made within a 30km radius of Melbourne CBD. All deliveries must be delivered and collected within this radius. We do not supply boxes to residence currently located, or moving to an area outside of this radius. If you are uncertain as to your location and would like clarification, please send us an email eMOVING with your concerns and we will get back to you. eMOVING apologizes for any inconvenience caused. The hirer should make all arrangements necessary to take delivery of all equipment from the supplier.

Please allow a minimum of one business day for all orders to be processed and delivered

Once an order has been placed, a staff member will contact you to arrange a suitable time for delivery (usually between 9:00am and 5pm). We will also contact you 2-3 days before the boxes are due for collection.

Conditions of Delivery:
eMOVING will aim to deliver on time as best as possible. If the delivery location is a known problem (such as limited access), please let us know as soon as possible before hand to arrange a suitable alternative.

At an additional cost, which is dependent on quantity and time, the distribution of our boxes to multiply floors / office levels and or staff desks can be arranged.

Working full-time during the week?
No problem! We can deliver after hours or Saturday to suit your move… just let us know when is best!

Customer pick-up / drop off:
eMOVING currently does not offer customer pick-up services.

Hirers Liabilities and Responsibilities
Upon delivery, the hirer should immediately inspect the equipment for correct quantities delivered and any damages caused during delivery. In the event of any such occurrence, the hirer should promptly notify the supplier to rectify the issue. If the hirer fails to notify the supplier of any concern (such as a damaged box) within 1 business day after delivery, the hirer will therefore have deemed to accept the equipment as suitable.

Upon collection by the supplier, all boxes must be free from rubbish, clean, dry, and empty. No alternations whatsoever can be made to any equipment hired by the hirer. If a box is lost, stolen or damaged by the hirer or an external removal company, eMOVING will charge the hirer a fee of $25.00 inclusive per box as a replacement cost.

Upon delivery, all liabilities concerning equipment will pass to the hirer. The hirer accepts full responsibilities and shall keep the supplier indemnified against all liability. Insurance of all hired equipment is the responsibility of the hirer. The hirer accepts full responsibility for the safe keeping of all equipment hired.


The supplier will provide all equipment in a clean, working order upon delivery to the hirer. No warranty is provided on any equipment hired or brought by the hirer. The hirer shall indemnify the supplier in respect of all claims arising out of the use of any equipment hired.

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