emoving - reusable plastic moving packing boxes
servicing Melbourne & surrounding suburbs


How to use our boxes
Now to the serious stuff. We want your moving experience to go as smoothly as possible, so it’s important that you familiarize yourself and comply with the following guidelines…just to be safe!

When handling our boxes (at home or during transport), please DO NOT do the following:
NEVER stack the boxes higher than your eye level (free standing or on the trolley)
DO NOT load boxes with dangerous goods, materials or chemicals such as acids, fuels, solvents, toxic waste, engine parts, grenades… you get the picture!
DO NOT sit, stand or jump on lids,
NEVER write or deface the boxes,
DO NOT bend your back when picking up a loaded box. First, sample the weight, bend your knees, and keep your back straight. See Better Health VIC for further information.

No higher than your eye level. That’s usually 4 high when lids closed and 15 high when stacked in one-another.

Load Capacity:
Our boxes are rated to hold no more than 30kg.

Remember to allow some room for the lids once closed, and remember to spread the load evenly. This will help when stacking and transporting!

Take special care when securing the boxes during transportation. The heavier boxes should be on the bottom to help prevent them from moving around in the van or truck.

We trust that you store our boxes in a safe, secure environment avoiding prolonged exposure to sunlight and rain.

Use our labels that are supplied upon hire. Do not write, scribble, or engrave on the boxes whatsoever.

Return of boxes:
Upon return, please DO the following:
Stack the boxes in one-another, no more than 15 high,
Clear the boxes of any rubbish, dirt or materials,
Remove any excess labels.

From the team at eMOVING we thank you for complying with our guidelines.