emoving - reusable plastic moving packing boxes
servicing Melbourne & surrounding suburbs


What are the benefits of using eMOVING?
We deliver the boxes to your home or office, and then pick them up. All our boxes come pre-assembled and ready to pack and stack! Because you’re hiring rather than buying, our boxes will save you time, effort and importantly the impact on the environment.

By using eMOVING, how am I contributing to a sustainable move?
Our plastic boxes have a lifespan of approximately 10 years meaning each box will be used hundreds of times! Compare this with the traditional cardboard alternative, which will last 3-4 moves at best, and it’s easy to see how our plastic boxes will help reduce the environmental impact caused by cardboard. You save time, effort and the environment by not driving around the city looking for cardboard boxes. There is no assembly or excess waste when your move is done, and we will even donate 1% of our profits to the replantation of eucalyptus trees, just to give a bit more back to our environment!

What about my safety when moving?
Our boxes are ergonomically designed with integrated handles on both ends and interlocking lids for safety and security. Our boxes are made from durable plastic making them highly suited for transport. Please read our ‘How to Use our Boxes’ section for more information.

What happens if I lose/steal or damage an eMOVING box?
If a box is lost, stolen or damaged by the hirer or an external removal company, eMOVING will charge the hirer a fee of $25.00 inclusive per box as a replacement cost. We strongly recommend that you count each box upon delivery, during transportation and at the completion of your move. We will allow usual wear-and-tear to occur to our boxes during your move.

How do I pay?
We accept PayPal or COD. Payment must be made up front prior to any deliveries/drop-offs.

Do I need to provide some ID upon delivery of any equipment hired?
Yes. We require a copy of either your current Drivers Licence or Passport. We require this information as a security of our boxes. We will promptly return this ID copy upon collection.

Can I extend the hire of my boxes if needed?
Yes. If you require our boxes a little longer then your first initial order, that’s fine. Please give us a call as soon as possible and we can typically accommodate extensions at an additional cost.

Will I receive a call before my boxes are due to be collected?
Yes. A friendly team member will give you a call 2-3 days before the boxes are due to be collected.

Does the free delivery cover both delivery and pickup?
Yes. Our delivery (see our Delivery Information section) includes drop-off and pickup of any eMOVING supplies.

How long does your delivery take?
Delivery times will depend on quantity of your order, your location and stock available. If the delivery location is a known problem, please let us know before hand when placing your order so we can arrange suitable access.

Can I purchase any eMOVING boxes?
No. Our boxes and additional equipment are strictly for hire purposes only.

Can eMOVING help me move?
No. The moving is up to you. We will make the moving process as easy as possible for you by delivering and pickup any eMOVING supplies.

How can you help eMOVING?
Tell your friends, colleagues, neighbours, pets and family about us! Every time someone uses eMOVING, we reduce the number of trees being cut down to make cardboard. And of course, it’s an easy, efficient and economical way to move!